Friday, April 18, 2008

Balloon (or balcony;)

Foreign languages = the window to the world;)


  1. Where did you learn your English Kasia? This 3-way a Callan method school...which uses a specific parrot style method to teach students. Ok for complete beginners who want to just talk but not for advanced students...who need grammar, writing, listening, etc...

  2. Glenn, I did learn English only in high school about 15 years ago;) I had a contact with IH Toruń too, but I worked there as a Polish teacher. My English is poor and funny sometimes;)

    The photo shows a contrast: language school (sth new) and this old destructed balloon.

  3. Hi Kasia...thanks for the reply. Not sure where the balloon is in this picture. Can't see one! Do you mean balcony?!!! ;-)

    I was once taught a bit of Polish by a girl who also worked at IH as a Polish teacher. Think her name was Agata or Asia...??