Saturday, March 8, 2008


This sculpture is dedicated to Zbigniew Lengren, who was born in Toruń and who created famous comic book about professor Filutek and his dog.


  1. Very cute sculpture.

  2. How fabulous - gorgeous dog and umbrella too. I don't know the comic book character but presumably he had an unbrella! Lovely sculpture.

  3. How adorable! Is "Filus" the professor or the dog?

    Kasia, I noticed that you've added my "praguerad" photoblog to your links, and I'm honored - but I am not there now, nor do I expect to be there in the near future :-(
    Please visit me in Naples, Florida (especially if you need to warm up a bit ;-))

  4. Isabella, Filuś is the dog;)
    I added "Praguerad" to my links, because I fallen in love with this city last holidays, but I'll visit your other blogs too;)